Friday, June 19, 2009

Just another day...

Leah's best friend Ruby came to play today having been away on her holidays last week and with friends the week before so it'd been 3 weeks since they'd last spent any time together and 3 weeks at this age is nearly an eternity.

Having watched Ruby and Leah play next to each other and do an amazing job of pretending the other wasn't there it was lovely to see them acknowledge each other with a big smile as they settled down together to pick up and examine pretty much everything. There were even moments where treasured objects were hesitantly offered to one another and then retracted as according to the rules of the game they both love at the moment. Ruby is now standing up and cautiously walking a few steps at a time, Leah is getting much better at the standing without support. They are both babbling away to their hearts content and at times it seemed like one would babble and the other would wait patiently and then answer with a babble of her own. They have very distinctive and unique babbles and it was a joy to sit in the park with them today and hear them chatting away. Of course they're still taking things off one another over and over again but luckily for Erika and me still without any resulting tears. Today's main object of jealousy was a Starbucks cup which was an amazingly funny voice distorter for Ruby and a technical 'lid on the cup' challenge for Leah. Luckily we were able to produce another cup from the depths of one of the strollers to keep them both happily occupied:
We wiled away a few hours sitting in the sun, swimming in our pool and eating lunch in our park marvelling at our smart, funny and of course beautiful girls. It was a perfect San Francisco day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ooohhh Apricots!!!

Nothing special this one, just one for my grandparents since my mum said no-one but a close relation is going to want to see pictures of a baby covered in food. In fact that's been her pet peeve for the last 10 years - people who show her photos of their baby covered in food, gross! But of course this is me and I'm cute so this is different. So if you're not a direct relation please feel free to check back in another time, I'll understand.

So...let me tell you about apricots, or apriums if you're lucky to live in SF like me and be able to pick up these apricot / plum hybrids. Well they're small enough for me to hold all on my own, they're squishy enough for me to be able to bite with my four big teeth you can see above, they're delicious and sweet and they make a smashing mess all over me when I eat them. Dad got wise to my love of the squish today and stripped me down to my pants before he let me eat one:
I could see he was getting very distressed by all the orange squishiness running down my belly so I picked up a piece and mashed it between my hands and to really freak him out I threatened to put my hands in my hair. Mum was laughing more at Dad's discomfort and distress than at me so I upped my game and squished some directly against my belly and let all the juice run down the side of my highchair onto my plastic Elmo mat.

I figured that after this mess I'd be heading straight for the bath so had no idea why Mum had to give me the wipeover with the cold cloth so I shouted and shouted. I've learned a really lovely new noise that is very high-pitched and very very loud and I thought bath and bedtime would be the perfect time to start trying it out. It took a while to work but Mum stopped wiping me down and we jumped into the bath together to get me clean. I showed her what I thought of the cold cloth treatment by standing up and peeing in the bath that she was sat in with me. Ha!!!!

We had a nice bath and Mum got the flannel into all my nooks and crannies and I came out all shiny. Dad wrapped me up in my dressing gown which I hadn't worn before but I loved because it's so lovely and soft:
Later peeps, I'm off to bed!