Friday, August 21, 2009

Thank heaven for little girls.....

Ruby and I had our first adventure in a very long time today. After a restless night followed by a lie in and then getting back from the doctor late my nap coincided with Ruby's for the first time in a couple of months which meant the adventures were back on if only for one day.

So our mums seized the opportunity and took us to Aquatic Park. They had a nice idea of sandcastles, ice-cream and a bit of paddling. Ruby and I had other ideas!

The assault on our mums began as soon as our little feet hit the sand. I decided to see if it was possible to cover every inch of me with sand and promptly sat down in the wet stuff. Ruby took a different tack and decided to eat as much sand as possible in the shortest time. She also tried to offer some to me or perhaps was trying to help me cover my face in sand as my body was so well covered.

Ruby's tactic was of course very successful in keeping Erika totally occupied but once I realised my mum had time to take photos I tried a different approach and tried to run straight into the sea as she was putting her lens cap on. This worked much better and mum abandoned the camera in an attempt to stop me from drowning myself. Little did she know it was just a tactic to get her soaking wet and it worked beautifully. I managed to get us both covered in water and sticky sand and then to top it off I decided to stage a walking strike and insisted on being carried over to the grass ensuring maximum coverage of Mum's top half too.

Mum and Erika finally gave in and took us off to the grassy bank where they stripped us off and let us run around naked for a while which was smashing. It was lovely to get to play with my friend again!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Things I'm working on at the moment

I know I've been a bit quiet recently but I've been a very busy girl learning all sorts of new tricks. I thought I'd do a quick video-blog so that you can see what I've been working on...

1. Getting Dressed
I've got the hang of pulling my jacket over the top of my head, sometimes I can even get an arm in a sleeve and taking it off is easy-peasy. I decided to go for something a little more challenge and this week I've been trying to learn shoes.

2. Walking
My friend Ruby got this one down a long time ago but I think I got too used to running around with my lion and my stroller and I found it very difficult to slow down long enough to walk properly but I've been trying really hard over the last week and I think I finally nailed it.

3. Talking
Now I know that I've been talking for a very very long time but Mum and Dad have finally cottoned on to what I've been saying all this time. For those of you who don't know my love affair with Elmer stretches back to when I was first born. I've been saying his name for a long time, calling to him when he's in my crib, chatting away over dinner where he sits on my plate and most recently during bedtime stories. Well last night when Dad was reading to me I finally said it in a way that he understood me. Mum ran around trying to find the video camera but it was bedtime and late and I had to go to sleep so I gave her my best 'Elmer' the following morning (again no camera). Anyway this is me this evening, I'm a little bit tired so it isn't my best 'Elmer' but it'll do for now.

So that's what I've been working on, I think I'll try a few more words before moving on to bicycle riding.

See you later chaps!