Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cupcakes and friends

Our beautiful bean - the little blip on the screen in late 2007 - is now 2 whole years old. We celebrated on a beautiful sunny San Francisco day with cupcakes, bagels, croissants in Golden Gate Park with two of Leah's pals; Ellie and Ruby and their parents. After three cupcakes Leah was able to chase down every single bird within a mile radius and only stopped running when we strapped her into her car seat to take her home. Following a couple of hours of playing with her new toys - in particular her Thomas the Tank Engine wooden railway set which was gender-balanced with her pink tea-set it was time for a nap. We think she may have been dreaming about those trains because she was up very quickly and back downstairs to continue playing. We managed to pull her away for pizza and pasta at Amici's followed by running riot at Borders Books our indoor / outdoor playground.

A very simple but in many ways perfect day.

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