Saturday, January 30, 2010

My very active weekend

Just popping in to share some photos from my so far very active weekend. Yesterday I met up with my pal Ruby for our first ever Soccer Tots class. I've been practicing like crazy at home and Izabela has been taking me to play with some other kids so I was raring to go. This is me getting a bit of a warm up before the class started:

My dad reckons Ronaldo's got something to worry about but I prefer to think of myself as more like a mini-Giggsy although dad says Wales has to be third on my list of countries to play for. It was all pretty exciting, we got to dribble, score goals, stack cones and hit Erika with pool noodles (not quite sure what that had to do with football but figured I'd give it a go anyway). Here's me and Ruby in our smashing t-shirts during our 'water break'.
Do you like our new shoes? Very cute aren't we?

Today we both got taken to a gymnastics class in the Presidio. I waited patiently while mum and dad ate their breakfast in the car parked opposite the Golden Gate Bridge like a couple of old people and then got to join Ruby in this huge gym that was full of soft and bouncy things to climb over, under and through. It was fantastic!

Here's me crawling through a tunnel of lions doing my best ROOAAARRR face:
and ever since I got to have a go at hanging from a trapeze a few months ago I really enjoy hanging off things; usually it's the climbing frame in the playground but I particularly like the dining table at home and at Kylie's which freaks mum and dad out a lot. Here's me on the hoops:
Pretty impressive huh? We got to throw ourselves all over the place for 45 minutes while our parents hovered around us as always. Strangely enough all four of them were complaining about being tired afterwards when they didn't even do anything - apparently looking after us can be pretty exhausting. Ha! I wonder what they have planned for us tomorrow...

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